In your own words

So a popular young YouTube blogger named Zoe Sugg (aka ‘Zoella’) has released the first novel under her name. There is a lot of talk about this for various reasons. One is that it has sold at record breaking speed. Another is that she is immensely popular for dispensing beauty tips to a very young age group; this has inspired some talk about marketing and messages to young girls.

The one that pisses me off is that it’s ghost written.

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Why “it’s for children” is a dumb reason to dismiss things

Agree whole-heartedly with this. A well-crafted story is a well-crafted story regardless of its target demographic. There’s a lot of dross in Young Adult and children’s fiction, but the same is true of adult fiction. It is more than possible to read plenty of ‘grown up’ books (whatever is supposed to qualify) and also dabble in books aimed at other ages or about characters in other age groups.

I remain unashamed of my love for Rick Riordan novels.