Starting again

So after a bit of an argument with a horse (spoiler alert: he won) I’ve been off running for 12 weeks. I had some pretty nasty soft tissue damage around my back and lower hip that took a very long time to heal. It’s been frustrating – I’ve been walking fine for a while, but there was this stubborn little patch which refused to go away. If I even took a few quick strides to finish crossing a road or jog up the last couple of stairs I could feel it right through my flesh, so I knew running was a bad plan.

So finally this afternoon I decided to venture back out. Moment of braveness, madness, possibly both. I was more than a little worried about the dent this might have made in my basic fitness (since I only started seriously exercising in January) and about whether I was truly healed enough. So when I wasn’t worried about aggravating an injury I was worried about my lungs giving out on me!

Thankfully, all is well. Hip twinged a couple of times but nothing to worry about, and I held up okay. At peak fitness I was routinely doing about half an hour/4k non-stop without too much trouble. Today I did two fifteen minute stretches with a three minute break between. I was more winded than usual, but not uncomfortably. After 12 weeks of sitting on my arse I will take that. That feels like a win.

It will feel less like one tomorrow when my muscles protest at being so abruptly woken back up, but take your victories where you can I always say…


Goal #1 – run, fat girl run!

Right, I talked about a few things I reckon I could work on in 2014. Let’s start with that… so, yeah, I am yet another one of those overweight people who’d like to lose some weight. I’m not bothered about my shape/size (I am fat but d’ya know what, I still like me as is), but I would like to give it a whirl for health reasons. And I’m talking about that on New Year’s Day? Highly original, I know.

However, I refuse to set any New Year’s Resolutions about that because you know exactly what happens to people who swear to clean up their act in January, right? Detoxing for one month (if they even hold out that long) does not make up for the preceding or following 11 months where you don’t bother to keep up the diet or the exercise, FYI. You’d think that would be a “yes Captain Obvious” kind of comment but just you wait…

And I am going to be different how, you ask? I’m glad you asked…

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