The over-valuation of “nice”

I find myself rolling my eyes a lot lately at the seeming plethora of posts in various places whining about how nice guys or girls finish last. This is generally a complaint about how the object of somebody’s affection doesn’t like them back and supposedly only likes the bad ones.

Because when you can’t find a relationship, the common denominator is clearly that a entire gender all shares the same failing rather than being you. Uh huh. Or maybe it’s just daft to expect that simply being nice is a ticket to love and sex and happy ever after.

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

Well. If this evening had gone to plan then instead of starting a blog post I should have just got out of the shower after a run. The wind and pounding rain had other ideas. I have run through a bit of rain before without any issue, but I was soaked through just walking the 30 seconds to the postbox. A 28 minute run seemed like a step too far. I hear it helps if you can actually see where you’re going.

So what else to do… sit in front of the telly with a hot cuppa and write a Valentine’s themed blog entry? Alright then.

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