When moaning actually works

I do believe I ended that customer service rant by predicting that nothing would happen because all I could do was moan and “that won’t shift ’em” or something along those lines?

They have, in fact, shifted!

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Nobody’s supposed to need feminism, huh?

Le sigh – female writer asks simple factual question and the response is a venomous onslaught. Hardly the first time it’s happened either. It gets much worse if you actually attempt to take a stance on something. Of course any writer who dares stick their head above the parapet risks the wrath of internet trolls, but women get treated to all manner of extra special threats and venom. Because the rational response to disliking somebody’s comments is of course to threaten them with sexual violence.

The depressing details here

(For the record – I’ve read a lot of Valenti’s stuff in The Guardian and disagreed with various aspects of it. Still don’t think people should be saying this shit to her because she dares express opinions).

A Response to ‘Women Against Feminism.’


Imagine this:

The year is 2014. You are a white Western woman. You wake up in the morning in a comfortably sized house or flat. You have a full or part-time job that enables you to pay your rent or mortgage. You have been to school and maybe even college or university as well. You can read and write and count. You own a car or have a driver’s licence. You have enough money in your own bank account to feed and clothe yourself. You have access to the Internet. You can vote. You have a boyfriend or girlfriend of your choosing, who you can also marry if you want to, and raise a family with. You walk down the street wearing whatever you feel like wearing. You can go to bars and clubs and sleep with whomever you want.

Your world is full of freedom and possibility.

Then you…

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In which I wonder at people

So… after the trial against her collapsed, Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz and X Factor fame is finally allowed to talk about The Sun’s sting and subsequent article about her ‘drug shame.’

There are several hundred reports floating around and I’m not going to recount the entire back story when a quick Google could tell all. Still, I thought the Guardian’s interview with her (her first to a newspaper since the original article hit) was interesting for a couple of reasons.

You can read the interview here

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Am I really about to say this?

I miss running.

I can’t believe I said that.

Fell off a horse a few weeks ago and badly bruised my tailbone/lower back; it’s taking quite a long time to heal. For the first few days it was agony because there was a lot of muscle shock too (apparently when you land on your bum like that all the force of the fall travels up through your body and out of your head, leading to some very unpleasant whiplash-like feelings in my neck and torso). Doctor said I’d done a good bit of soft tissue damage; I was walking round like an elderly woman. There was enormous swelling and the bruise was spectacular. It was black and vivid purple across a rather large portion of my back and hip. Even now it’s still pretty gruesome, though much improved. Now I can at least move around reasonably comfortably and can sit properly, but I still get uncomfortable after walking for more than ten minutes or so. For that reason running is off the cards until I’m fully healed.

But waaaaah! The weight is creeping on, I can see it in my face, and I feel slovenly and unenergised. Given that my natural state is couch potato I don’t understand what’s happening to me. It’s not like running is a highlight activity, I do it pretty much as a chore. So why do I miss it? I am not supposed to be a person who misses physical exertion God damn it!!! lol