Bits and pieces

I get the feeling that this blog is already shaping up to be a lot of disjointed randomness. I’m cool with that. Sometimes it’s nice to jump from thought to thought without worrying about how all it marries up and what the underlying conclusion is. I do a lot of that in my day to day brooding (I am an overthinker) so a break isn’t a bad thing. Or maybe I’ve simply had more than enough practice at writing arguments and narrative pieces in my time and can no longer be bothered!

So, to that end, let’s make like frogs and hop about…

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A boring Sunday afternoon

I’m finally getting round to watching Death Comes To Pemberley, AKA ‘when bad fan fiction finds a publisher’ (see also 50 Shades of Grey). The book was one of the few I simply couldn’t finish. As much as people like to make fun of the nerds who are into fandom and write fiction, a lot of their stories are a darn sight better written. It’s just funny that when it’s PD James doing it that it suddenly gains an air of credibility!

Still, since I do love Pride & Prejudice I wondered if maybe it would be more palatable on film. I know accepted wisdom is that books tend to be better than their film adaptations, and frequently that is true, but sometimes I find that a story translates better for me on screen. Same is true of comics, they’re not really my medium but I love superhero stories. With the novels I suppose something about the author’s style may have been what was putting me off. I bloody love the Lord of The Rings films but could I manage the books? Nope (and I’ve made it through a lot of tripe on sheer stubborness because I hate not finishing a book). Thus far I have to say… no, this still seems kind of rubbish. Maybe I’m just missing Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth too much but this doesn’t seem much of an improvement.

I’m also worried that the second I see Jenna Coleman I’m going to start wondering when Matt Smith and his sonic screwdriver will pop up.


Though come to think of it that would really make this a lot more fun. Kind of like when the Red Dwarf crew introduced the Bennet sisters to vindaloo.