Bella Roma

So… clearly I haven’t had much to say in a while! That’s often the case I find when life is ticking over and going okay. I tend to have most to say when things are either overwhelmingly amazing or overwhelmingly shit.

Things have ticked along just fine. Running is still going, though some runs are definitely better than others. I’m managing anything between 25 and 30 minutes which isn’t bad at all. (As a result of the perseverance I am experiencing a weird new phenomenon where my body shape has completely changed but without me managing to lose a single pound – I’ll still take it though).

Finally however I have something amazing to talk about and it is Rome. Rome has been number one on the list of cities I have wanted to visit since forever. Maybe it was the history that appealed, maybe it was the gelato and the pasta, but it was always top o’ the bucket list. I finally got to go for an extended weekend and I honestly spent the entire time beaming from ear to ear. I stepped off the bus next to the Teatro Marcello, got my first sight of Roma and did not stop smiling the entire time. Around every corner I was discovering something else. I love the way that you can be walking along, turn a corner and suddenly in the midst of all the buildings there will be some piece of an ancient ruin. We have some pretty old spots in England but they’re not nearly so integrated into everything as they are in Rome. You know when you’re about to approach the Tower of London or a big landmark, you don’t just turn into a side street and suddenly see an ancient temple!

I’m also rather proud of me. It was a lifelong ambition, I achieved it, all bought and paid for by me and I didn’t let the lack of somebody to go with stop me (that’s a big deal for me, because I am honestly kind of a wimp). I had a little solo adventure, one which for me was remarkably spontaneous since normally I don’t go to these places without five maps and a battle plan lol. I wandered aimlessly around, explored and didn’t think about any moment except the one I was immediately having. It was wonderful. The only piece of Italian I learned was “io non parlo Italiano” but I can say it with a flourish!

Also, I’m still very amused by the gelato. I know that mint flavoured anything is inevitably full of green food colouring, but the stuff was positively neon. Food should probably not be that colour (yet it still went down a treat).

It’s just a beautiful, beautiful city and I had an amaaaazing time. I need to go back, it’s non-negotiable. Have a picture of my favourite spot…