Plenty of people will have spoken very eloquently and poignantly about depression in the wake of the loss of Robin Williams. I couldn’t better them if I tried.

But any time we lose someone like this – particularly someone so vibrant – it really does just smack me round the face that there but for the grace of God go I, or any of us. Whether you believe in a deity or not… this kind of thing can happen so easily to any of us. I’ve been in that hole. And I’m not stronger or braver or smarter or any better than Robin or any other soul that’s been lost to it. Just luckier.

Rest in peace, funny man. Thank you for the laughter.


In which I wonder at people

So… after the trial against her collapsed, Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz and X Factor fame is finally allowed to talk about The Sun’s sting and subsequent article about her ‘drug shame.’

There are several hundred reports floating around and I’m not going to recount the entire back story when a quick Google could tell all. Still, I thought the Guardian’s interview with her (her first to a newspaper since the original article hit) was interesting for a couple of reasons.

You can read the interview here

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