Advanced selling techniques

It’s been a while since I made a post. It’s also been a while since I made overzealous use of gifs. I must rectify that.

Since I saw you last, I have dipped a toe into the murky pool of online dating. Wow. It’s been… interesting. Often in ways which make me wonder whether these people have ever interacted with other humans before.

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The over-valuation of “nice”

I find myself rolling my eyes a lot lately at the seeming plethora of posts in various places whining about how nice guys or girls finish last. This is generally a complaint about how the object of somebody’s affection doesn’t like them back and supposedly only likes the bad ones.

Because when you can’t find a relationship, the common denominator is clearly that a entire gender all shares the same failing rather than being you. Uh huh. Or maybe it’s just daft to expect that simply being nice is a ticket to love and sex and happy ever after.

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In your own words

So a popular young YouTube blogger named Zoe Sugg (aka ‘Zoella’) has released the first novel under her name. There is a lot of talk about this for various reasons. One is that it has sold at record breaking speed. Another is that she is immensely popular for dispensing beauty tips to a very young age group; this has inspired some talk about marketing and messages to young girls.

The one that pisses me off is that it’s ghost written.

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Nobody’s supposed to need feminism, huh?

Le sigh – female writer asks simple factual question and the response is a venomous onslaught. Hardly the first time it’s happened either. It gets much worse if you actually attempt to take a stance on something. Of course any writer who dares stick their head above the parapet risks the wrath of internet trolls, but women get treated to all manner of extra special threats and venom. Because the rational response to disliking somebody’s comments is of course to threaten them with sexual violence.

The depressing details here

(For the record – I’ve read a lot of Valenti’s stuff in The Guardian and disagreed with various aspects of it. Still don’t think people should be saying this shit to her because she dares express opinions).

In which I wonder at people

So… after the trial against her collapsed, Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz and X Factor fame is finally allowed to talk about The Sun’s sting and subsequent article about her ‘drug shame.’

There are several hundred reports floating around and I’m not going to recount the entire back story when a quick Google could tell all. Still, I thought the Guardian’s interview with her (her first to a newspaper since the original article hit) was interesting for a couple of reasons.

You can read the interview here

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