Bella Roma

So… clearly I haven’t had much to say in a while! That’s often the case I find when life is ticking over and going okay. I tend to have most to say when things are either overwhelmingly amazing or overwhelmingly shit.

Things have ticked along just fine. Running is still going, though some runs are definitely better than others. I’m managing anything between 25 and 30 minutes which isn’t bad at all. (As a result of the perseverance I am experiencing a weird new phenomenon where my body shape has completely changed but without me managing to lose a single pound – I’ll still take it though).

Finally however I have something amazing to talk about and it is Rome. Rome has been number one on the list of cities I have wanted to visit since forever. Maybe it was the history that appealed, maybe it was the gelato and the pasta, but it was always top o’ the bucket list. I finally got to go for an extended weekend and I honestly spent the entire time beaming from ear to ear. I stepped off the bus next to the Teatro Marcello, got my first sight of Roma and did not stop smiling the entire time. Around every corner I was discovering something else. I love the way that you can be walking along, turn a corner and suddenly in the midst of all the buildings there will be some piece of an ancient ruin. We have some pretty old spots in England but they’re not nearly so integrated into everything as they are in Rome. You know when you’re about to approach the Tower of London or a big landmark, you don’t just turn into a side street and suddenly see an ancient temple!

I’m also rather proud of me. It was a lifelong ambition, I achieved it, all bought and paid for by me and I didn’t let the lack of somebody to go with stop me (that’s a big deal for me, because I am honestly kind of a wimp). I had a little solo adventure, one which for me was remarkably spontaneous since normally I don’t go to these places without five maps and a battle plan lol. I wandered aimlessly around, explored and didn’t think about any moment except the one I was immediately having. It was wonderful. The only piece of Italian I learned was “io non parlo Italiano” but I can say it with a flourish!

Also, I’m still very amused by the gelato. I know that mint flavoured anything is inevitably full of green food colouring, but the stuff was positively neon. Food should probably not be that colour (yet it still went down a treat).

It’s just a beautiful, beautiful city and I had an amaaaazing time. I need to go back, it’s non-negotiable. Have a picture of my favourite spot…




The value of a gift (aka what I learned turning 30)

Before I get onto what I want to talk about, let me just say that going on my first run after a month off (injuries suck) was pretty messy. I managed 20 minutes with a couple of short pauses though, so all in all it could be worse. Hopefully I can build back up to 30 fairly quickly.

Speaking of 30… here’s what I learned when I recently began my new decade.

Caution: I am going to get a bit soppy.


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Back from travels

I’ve been off for a while, busy like a bee… bee like… so I’ll do a quick round-up.

  • Went to Florida. It was fun. Went to Universal, painted my own pottery (can’t wait to see how it turns out after it’s glazed and fired), road tripped down to see Justin Timberlake in concert which was suitably epic. As a bonus, the guy who was directing the parking at the venue let us go park in the VIP bit for free so 20 bucks saved. Let’s just hope said pottery survives the trip across the pond!
  • Been working until I drop this week at a customer event. Since there appear to be nothing but steak restuarants around West India Quay I feel like an enormous bag of red wine and red meat. Really looking forward to some plain old chicken and vegetables this week. (That said, Gaucho still rocks. Yummiest steak ever)
  • Got to go to an evening event at the Cutty Sark, which is really cool when it’s all lit up. Sidenote – their in house caterer has excellent taste in wine.
  • Had two weeks off running due to travel and work. I didn’t want to bother on my holiday, and was too busy at the event (the hotel had a gym but given I had 6am call times and was working 18 hour days… no, just no). Irritatingly, now I want to get going again I appear to have done something to my foot. When I’m not wearing shoes/supportive enough shoes I get shooting pains along the arch as I walk (had wondered if it had fallen, but nope). I was already worried about how much the break might upset my fledgling fitness so not being able to get back into it yet is a bit of a bummer. Oh well, we can rebuild! After two weeks of eating far too much I’ve still only put a pound on, so clearly I’ve done enough rushing around to compensate before I’ve tweaked it. It’ll heal, and I can just ease back in.
  • I have one of those birthdays next week. The big ones. Still hasn’t sunk in. Irritatingly sorting the restaurant feels exactly like organising a bloody work do since they want pre-orders and all sorts, plus I have to do the awkward thing of asking pals to reimburse me for the deposit, but hey. It’s my birthday and I’ll party if I want to lol.

Think that’s about it! It’s been fun, if pretty knackering.


Valentine’s Day Massacre

Well. If this evening had gone to plan then instead of starting a blog post I should have just got out of the shower after a run. The wind and pounding rain had other ideas. I have run through a bit of rain before without any issue, but I was soaked through just walking the 30 seconds to the postbox. A 28 minute run seemed like a step too far. I hear it helps if you can actually see where you’re going.

So what else to do… sit in front of the telly with a hot cuppa and write a Valentine’s themed blog entry? Alright then.

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PCOS… my old nemesis

I was wondering about what to write; to be honest it’s been a very uneventful time. That is no way a complaint. There have been long stretches in my life where being eventful was not such a great thing, so whenever stuff is just ticking over I am overly grateful. The most happening is that when I went out for my run today (first of week 5 and still going, I feel very smugly virtuous) it was extremely wet and windy. The hot shower and cup of tea I had when I got home have been my biggest thrill of late. That will continue until it’s finally payday next week and I can afford to do actual stuff again.

So in the scrabble for a topic I figured maybe I could talk about something which has affected me a lot and share my experience. I know for me it often helps to read other people’s blogs and see I’m not the only one dealing with something! The big one that came to mind was depression but… eh. That topic’s got a little too much power over me. While I’m sure I’ll go for it at some stage I will really need to be in the right frame of mind. It did however put me in mind of something kind of related and I’m more than happy to talk about.

This topic does has a bit of TMI potential, but I’ll try and keep it to a minimum. So, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome… go.

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Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?

So after seeing a list of top Shakespearean insults (go here for the chuckle) I’d thought I’d add a few of my own. Because I’m a huge nerd. Of course if you want loads of great insults you should just go read Much Ado About Nothing because Beatrice and Benedick both rule at the art of the withering putdown, but I’m pretty sure this list will be shorter.

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