Starting again

So after a bit of an argument with a horse (spoiler alert: he won) I’ve been off running for 12 weeks. I had some pretty nasty soft tissue damage around my back and lower hip that took a very long time to heal. It’s been frustrating – I’ve been walking fine for a while, but there was this stubborn little patch which refused to go away. If I even took a few quick strides to finish crossing a road or jog up the last couple of stairs I could feel it right through my flesh, so I knew running was a bad plan.

So finally this afternoon I decided to venture back out. Moment of braveness, madness, possibly both. I was more than a little worried about the dent this might have made in my basic fitness (since I only started seriously exercising in January) and about whether I was truly healed enough. So when I wasn’t worried about aggravating an injury I was worried about my lungs giving out on me!

Thankfully, all is well. Hip twinged a couple of times but nothing to worry about, and I held up okay. At peak fitness I was routinely doing about half an hour/4k non-stop without too much trouble. Today I did two fifteen minute stretches with a three minute break between. I was more winded than usual, but not uncomfortably. After 12 weeks of sitting on my arse I will take that. That feels like a win.

It will feel less like one tomorrow when my muscles protest at being so abruptly woken back up, but take your victories where you can I always say…


Am I really about to say this?

I miss running.

I can’t believe I said that.

Fell off a horse a few weeks ago and badly bruised my tailbone/lower back; it’s taking quite a long time to heal. For the first few days it was agony because there was a lot of muscle shock too (apparently when you land on your bum like that all the force of the fall travels up through your body and out of your head, leading to some very unpleasant whiplash-like feelings in my neck and torso). Doctor said I’d done a good bit of soft tissue damage; I was walking round like an elderly woman. There was enormous swelling and the bruise was spectacular. It was black and vivid purple across a rather large portion of my back and hip. Even now it’s still pretty gruesome, though much improved. Now I can at least move around reasonably comfortably and can sit properly, but I still get uncomfortable after walking for more than ten minutes or so. For that reason running is off the cards until I’m fully healed.

But waaaaah! The weight is creeping on, I can see it in my face, and I feel slovenly and unenergised. Given that my natural state is couch potato I don’t understand what’s happening to me. It’s not like running is a highlight activity, I do it pretty much as a chore. So why do I miss it? I am not supposed to be a person who misses physical exertion God damn it!!! lol

PCOS… my old nemesis

I was wondering about what to write; to be honest it’s been a very uneventful time. That is no way a complaint. There have been long stretches in my life where being eventful was not such a great thing, so whenever stuff is just ticking over I am overly grateful. The most happening is that when I went out for my run today (first of week 5 and still going, I feel very smugly virtuous) it was extremely wet and windy. The hot shower and cup of tea I had when I got home have been my biggest thrill of late. That will continue until it’s finally payday next week and I can afford to do actual stuff again.

So in the scrabble for a topic I figured maybe I could talk about something which has affected me a lot and share my experience. I know for me it often helps to read other people’s blogs and see I’m not the only one dealing with something! The big one that came to mind was depression but… eh. That topic’s got a little too much power over me. While I’m sure I’ll go for it at some stage I will really need to be in the right frame of mind. It did however put me in mind of something kind of related and I’m more than happy to talk about.

This topic does has a bit of TMI potential, but I’ll try and keep it to a minimum. So, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome… go.

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