When moaning actually works

I do believe I ended that customer service rant by predicting that nothing would happen because all I could do was moan and “that won’t shift ’em” or something along those lines?

They have, in fact, shifted!

They didn’t actually admit it was their oversight though. They called it a “good will gesture” and made a bit of a backhanded recommendation that I read the t&cs next time (umm, hello, we already established at multiple points it was the language and content of the t&cs as read that prompted and was the crux of our little disagreement – I’m sure you’re not used to customers actually reading them before checking that box agreeing to them, but still). This doesn’t bother me though, because they have in fact done as I asked so I’m good with that! I was amused to see that the official Twitter account which ignored the complaints was happy to respond once I acknowledged they’d sorted it though – but it seemed only fair that I publicise the fix as well as the complaint.

Still, it does make me think. I have no compunction with arguing about companies on these points because I have some familiarity with contract, consumer and sales of goods laws. I also have some idea of business processes and practices/customer services, so I understand how to base my complaints and what kind of language to talk in. That isn’t to say I always get my way or that I don’t ever throw my hands up and cave in, but it helps. How many consumers don’t have that? How many consumers will accept the first answer either because they figure they can’t win or just don’t know their rights?

Oh well. In this case all’s well that ends well, and hopefully they’ll be reviewing their t&cs as a result lol.

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