Tuesday: Good or Bad? Discuss.

Was today a good day or not? A considered evaluation… or maybe just a lazy list because you know how I like those. Saves me using that extensive vocabulary I spent so long in education to build up.

The case against:

  1. After no less than 4 runs in a row doing 25 solid minutes (comprising the last run of week 6 and all 3 runs of week 7), I don’t actually feel improved at doing 25 solid minutes of running. Psychologically it’s taxing.
  2. Conference calls where lots of talking happens but nothing really gets said.
  3. Evil never ending Excel sheet aka The Spreadsheet of Doom™.
  4. Using up all the random bits from the fridge that needed to be finished before they went off resulted in an… interesting… dinner.
  5. I hate the build up to Valentine’s Day. Yes, alright, I’m the dateless wonder, must all stores conspire to remind me? lol
  6. Flooding means that tomorrow’s journey into town will be hellish and much more irritating than usual. I have to go way out of my way to find a train line that’s still running.

The case for:

  1. I am really not yet sick of people using my new rejigged job title. It just makes me sound more important even though nothing’s really changed.
  2. Tomorrow is venue scouting, which is always fun, and since it’s an overnighter I see a team bonding session in the bar on the horizon. It may not have been today but anticipation is almost as much fun as actually doing sometimes.
  3. Whenever it started raining again, I just remembered that I’m off to sunny climes in less than a month.
  4. My hair is behaving incredibly nicely right now. I enjoy this, it’s rare.
  5. I managed to save my favourite shoes from the dumb mistake I made with the washing machine (it would have been fine if I hadn’t forgotten to turn off the drying cycle…). Bit of glue and TLC and the soles are holding fast once more!
  6. It wasn’t Monday.

Okay, I’ll call that a win. Tuesday’s alright by me.



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