I think I ran for 30 minutes today. Trouble is I can’t be sure that I did in fact achieve this major milestone and the culmination of 2 months of work through wind and rain and cold. Why? Because I’m incompetent and I sliiiiiightly forgot to take a note of the time when I started.

Oh well. In all this uncharacteristic willingness to partake in physical activity, it’s nice to to have reassurance that I haven’t been completely body snatched. Some things will never change… namely the fact that I’m a muppet.

(But at least I’m the fabulous muppet…)


Valentine’s Day Massacre

Well. If this evening had gone to plan then instead of starting a blog post I should have just got out of the shower after a run. The wind and pounding rain had other ideas. I have run through a bit of rain before without any issue, but I was soaked through just walking the 30 seconds to the postbox. A 28 minute run seemed like a step too far. I hear it helps if you can actually see where you’re going.

So what else to do… sit in front of the telly with a hot cuppa and write a Valentine’s themed blog entry? Alright then.

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