I think I ran for 30 minutes today. Trouble is I can’t be sure that I did in fact achieve this major milestone and the culmination of 2 months of work through wind and rain and cold. Why? Because I’m incompetent and I sliiiiiightly forgot to take a note of the time when I started.

Oh well. In all this uncharacteristic willingness to partake in physical activity, it’s nice to to have reassurance that I haven’t been completely body snatched. Some things will never change… namely the fact that I’m a muppet.

(But at least I’m the fabulous muppet…)


All hail Apollo!

If you’re confused by the title, Apollo is the Greek God of music (amongst other things).

You may be more confused by the fact that this is a post about running since Hermes not Apollo was the God of sport (amongst other things). I swear, this is gonna make sense.

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

Well. If this evening had gone to plan then instead of starting a blog post I should have just got out of the shower after a run. The wind and pounding rain had other ideas. I have run through a bit of rain before without any issue, but I was soaked through just walking the 30 seconds to the postbox. A 28 minute run seemed like a step too far. I hear it helps if you can actually see where you’re going.

So what else to do… sit in front of the telly with a hot cuppa and write a Valentine’s themed blog entry? Alright then.

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