Today I am mostly pondering how best to handle it when having one of those days.

You know the type of day I mean. Unmotivated, narked off, generally bleurgh (hence the post title, you see what I did there). Not helped by the typical January issue of payday having come early last month and having to stretch it out longer, but I am generally feeling like I simply cannot be fucked. Please excuse my French but when you’re in this foul a mood expletives are the only thing for it. Unless the highly unlikely comes to pass and my lottery numbers come in tonight I think the entire day is officially a write-off.

It is remarkable how much a simple thing like a mood does permeate every little thing you do. I have been shuffling round my flat like a little old lady. I’m the Queen of Smart Casual but unusually for me I’ve been wearing slobby clothes today. Stuff I normally wear all the time was suddenly dissatisfying when I looked in the mirror. It was my sixth run, final run of week 2 of Couch to 5k, and for the first time it was something I really had to force myself into. For the first time I felt like it was physically a struggle too, even though in theory since I’ve been doing this run all week this should have been the easiest of the three sessions. Wound up struggling through some of the sections for that reason. In fairness, that may have also been because I changed my route and didn’t realise the crucial ‘get yourself over the hump’ middle section was going to be on an incline. Whoops…

I handled this pretty much the only way I know how – I mentally played Eye of The Tiger on my internal jukebox/soundtrack and promised myself Ben and Jerry’s this evening if I managed it without giving up. Ice cream is almost as good a cure for the ills of the world as a cup of tea, FYI. I’m sure some scientist somewhere could prove it. Specifically what I did was picture thisĀ Eye of The Tiger moment, which ranks as quite possibly my favourite television moment EVER. I do not offer it that title lightly.

Still, when all’s said and done the good news is that I kept chugging away. It’s better that I managed to stick to my guns rather than give up, even if it still felt shit. Sometimes you can’t expect yourself to do more than simply push through. Since I didn’t have any plans with anyone today nobody else has had to suffer the grouch, so no harm done. This too shall pass.

Tomorrow I will put that same pair of jeans on and be back to thinking my bum looks great in them.


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