Bits and pieces

I get the feeling that this blog is already shaping up to be a lot of disjointed randomness. I’m cool with that. Sometimes it’s nice to jump from thought to thought without worrying about how all it marries up and what the underlying conclusion is. I do a lot of that in my day to day brooding (I am an overthinker) so a break isn’t a bad thing. Or maybe I’ve simply had more than enough practice at writing arguments and narrative pieces in my time and can no longer be bothered!

So, to that end, let’s make like frogs and hop about…

I am binge watching Elementary at the moment. I like it. In many ways it’s your typical police procedural; it so happens to concentrate on deductive reasoning rather than forensics or profiling. Jonny Lee Miller is as delectable as always, and he makes an interesting contrast to Benedict Cumberbatch (I do love the BBC’s Sherlock). This Sherlock seems a little more emotional. There is a volatility to him and you can’t imagine him being as stumped over a best man’s speech, though he’d have just as little time for social niceties. The mithering about a female Watson was unfounded. It makes an interesting dynamic change. She is still Sherlock’s friend, but in a lot of ways she’s also much more of a curb on his excesses. The fact that she is officially apprenticed to him is interesting too. The BBC’s version is often in the dark – sometimes skirting the edge of being a buffoon, even though he is not an unintelligent bloke – whereas here it’s made much clearer just how smart she is in her own right. She herself is capable of some good detective work even if she lacks the spark of genius Sherlock has in the field. All in all I prefer the BBC version because I love the way it embraces and plays with Sherlock’s outsider status (and its general tone/presentation), but this is still making an entertaining watch. I’ll definitely keep with it.

Couch to 5k update… I did my first run of week 2 yesterday, 4th run over all. It was mildly worrying, especially this early in the process. I suspect I have been overtaken by a pod person. At times I was having to consciously restrain my pace so I didn’t overdo it. Me… overdo it on speed… that is the most preposterous notion and I cannot believe I’m having to countenance it. I am the world’s most resolute indoor girl. Everything I like doing is very much cerebral not physical (though when I say cerebral I don’t necessarily mean intellectually challenging – I enjoy some real fluff and nonsense, me). I don’t like being sweaty or out of breath. PE was torture for me at school. And yet there I was, jogging along, having to rein in my speed so I didn’t push the pace too hard. My body actually had an instinct to expend more energy. It’s almost like my muscles were designed for movement… who knew? Don’t get me wrong, running is not suddenly my favourite activity, but I was expecting to find it much more difficult and more of a chore than I have thus far. Clearly whoever designed this program is a clever sod who has worked out how to slowly con you into improvement without you noticing.

Other things on my mind recently have been the significant birthday of my BFF (because I’m following soonish and her life markers tend to marry up with mine/be a cause for comparison) and that unrequited crush thing I mentioned in a previous entry. The two of them have combined in a bit of an odd way. They’ve made me reflect on where my life currently is, where it’s going and where I expected it to be. It’s not bad but it’s a bit of a mind fuck!

Well, occasionally it’s bad. Rather perversely it’s a bit frustrating when an unrequited crush is being nice to you. Would be so much easier to start getting over it if the other person would do the decent thing and start behaving in various unattractive ways. You know… being a tad rude, slurping their soup, saying dumb shit, making the your/you’re mistake, that sort of thing.

To round things off, please find below the song I have had stuck in my head all day. It’s been very distracting, just when I needed to concentrate on the mega spreadsheet of doom. I don’t even know why. it’s an old song and I’m not that big on the Kaiser Chiefs…


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