Goal #1 – run, fat girl run!

Right, I talked about a few things I reckon I could work on in 2014. Let’s start with that… so, yeah, I am yet another one of those overweight people who’d like to lose some weight. I’m not bothered about my shape/size (I am fat but d’ya know what, I still like me as is), but I would like to give it a whirl for health reasons. And I’m talking about that on New Year’s Day? Highly original, I know.

However, I refuse to set any New Year’s Resolutions about that because you know exactly what happens to people who swear to clean up their act in January, right? Detoxing for one month (if they even hold out that long) does not make up for the preceding or following 11 months where you don’t bother to keep up the diet or the exercise, FYI. You’d think that would be a “yes Captain Obvious” kind of comment but just you wait…

And I am going to be different how, you ask? I’m glad you asked…

Okay. I don’t actually have an answer to that. For all I know this is going to go about as well as that last gym membership did, but my plan is to try Couch to 5k (free podcast available here if you feel like it). I have picked this because:

  1. It’s all free (unless you don’t already own appropriate clothing/footwear, but I do). I am broke, this is a key factor.
  2. All the thinking is done for me. I am lazy and clueless about exercise so again, major point in the decision process.
  3. It’s half an hour every other day, so it shouldn’t cut too much into crucial work or Youtubing-funny-videos time.

Today I did my first run. Not because it’s January 1st (see previous comments about resolutions), but because I’m not at work so should take advantage of being able to go outside while it’s daylight. Just to show I’m serious, I even went out while it was raining (mostly because I got bored of waiting for the rain to stop).

How did it go? Well…

  • Pros: I managed it at a rather snail-like jog. This is more than I have managed in about a year, so yay me! It is easy to follow since it tells you when to jog, when to walk and times your warm up and cool down. They way they’ve set it up, so long as you don’t try to overdo the speed right out of the gate it’s hard to fail. I ended it a bit red-faced and puffed but not keeling over gasping for air or anything. Win!
  • Cons: My body is going to hate me tomorrow. Also, their music kind of sucks. If I was more technologically adept I’d be trying to make my own mix to use to time the intervals, but I settled for doing my 5 minute warm up/warm down to Britney instead of the podcast. (As you may have gathered from my lovingly hand-crafted header, I love Britney Spears).

So yes. That’s my first status report. This is one of the things I do want to blog about to keep myself on track, but I promise I will try not to become one of those annoying preachy people who goes on about nothing except how wonderful it is. I have lost perfectly funny and interesting people to that curse and I will resist it with all my might – enthusiasm is good, having nothing else to talk about is a crashing bore.

I am guessing January 2nd’s post should I make one will be about which bath products are best for soaking muscles.

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