Because January 1st seems as good a date as any to start

I wonder exactly how many blogs get created on January 1st each year. I imagine an overly large percentage of them never get touched again…

Well, I’ll give it the old college try! I’m not going to give it a theme. I’m not going to set myself any challenges about what or how often to post (because yeah, that’ll happen – I remember all those childhood diaries which still bear lots of gleaming blank pages). I’m going to keep it simple. Every so often when something tickles me or irks me or generally makes me want to jot it down this will be the place I do it.

Why now? Well, there are a couple of things I’d like to keep track of and write about for my own benefit, but mostly it’s because 2013 was a good year. I’m really not one for self-help terminology or those saccahrine inspirational quotes but it was empowering. Much as it burns my sarcastic and cynical little soul to use phrases like that. Having had a run of years before which were less empowering and more ‘buried under fifty metric tons of crap’ that was pretty damn awesome. Turns out, life is so much more pleasant when things are ticking along okay. Who knew?

Still, there’s always room for improvement and I have my eye on a few things in 2014. So… let’s do this thing. I have plans to rock the shit out of this year. While I don’t expect to be a pile of energetic go-getting over-achievement every minute of every day (I firmly expect to be a grumpy bitch on quite a few) I’m going for another good ‘un, get a streak going. Similarly, if I’m being realistic then it’s unlikely that I will be unrecognisable by the end of the year or will have magically emerged from the chrysalis or anything quite like that. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any things I could pull off that would be pretty darn righteous. I think it’s doable to end this year as a marginally improved version of me.

And if rambling about stuff or keeping track of it on a blog from time to time helps me work that out? Cool beans, bro. If at any point I give somebody a good giggle or a ‘how not to’ example or a little bit of reassurance, all the better. Let’s do this thing.

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